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Welcome to Upjing Trading Co., Ltd. website.

UPJING TRADING is always focusing on searching competitive products on China market for her clients, professional on leather industry products, like shoes accessory: cutting board, cutting machine, skiving knife for skiving machine, feed roll, grind stone, bending machine for cutting dies, planer machine for planing cutting boards.....
We handling all the purchasing service for you on China market, you just need to tell us what do you want exactly and wait for your goods on your side, everything will be taken of for you by us.
Don't worry about purchasing things, we are here for you.

We are regularly Selling: cutting board, skiving knifebell knife, cutting board planer machine, feed roll, cutting machine, bending machine, die equipment, pe board, die cutter.

Main Business Activities
Footwear & Headgears - Footwear & Headgears

Our Products
Skiving knife / bell knife
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Upjing Trading Co., Ltd.


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